Hot Mess


Three AM YouTube spirals can go many ways. A few nights ago, the YouTube gods smiled on me and I found the unaired pilot of a LIZA MINNELLI reality show. It was filmed in 2002 and it is like a perfect time capsule from the turn of the century! The streaked hair, CD's still being a thing, the overplaying of 'Get Jiggy With It', this show has it all!! VH1 was trying to capitalize on the success of 'The Osbournes' and 'The Anna Nicole Smith Show.' Yeah, remember those? Horrible and AMAZING! The big event of the show was a house warming party David and Liza were having at their new apartment together. At the party was Ray Charles, Luther Vandross, Dominick Dunne and a woman who's referred to as a "dress designer," Tina Knowles. That's right, this is Liza's show, Beyonce's mother works for her! Sorry B-hive, Liza is leaps and bounds more talented than Bae, there is nothing to argue about, Mein Herr. 

After I watched the show, I had to find out what happened? David douchebag Gest happened to it. When he married Liza he was responsible for her thinning down and that is very clear in this show. He doesn't "allow" her to eat certain things and she dances literally all day long. I can not believe the way he talks to her and that she lets it happen. When they divorced, a year later, David alleged that Liza beat him up. I don't believe him but if she did, good for her. She's Liza fuckin' Minnelli, don't talk to her like that, peasant! The show was supposed to have ten episodes, but the producers and David clashed and the show was canned. Please, treat yourself to this hot, hot, mess of a show!!