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Lauren Semar was born and raised in Bakersfield, California where she gained a love for reading, writing, and old Hollywood. Actors and characters that she was totally fascinated with and influenced by were the sophisticated, intellectually curious, ultra-feminine, quick-witted, and highly opinionated women of classic films. Her favorite book is Gone With the Wind, which coincidentally is one of the most notable pictures of Hollywood’s golden age. As yearbook editor-in-chief during her senior year of high school, she insisted on, coordinated, and designed every page for an “old Hollywood” themed yearbook. Upon graduation, she escaped the oppressive heat of Bakersfield to attend college in Southern California where she studied business marketing. Here, her curiosity and passion for the underbelly of old Hollywood grew exponentially; this included the gossip, scandals, and tragedies that happened in and around the stars, studios, and productions of Hollywood’s yesteryear. To her great delight, TCM began their film festival in 2010 and she continues to attend every year. This provided the opportunity for her to finally meet people like her of all ages and backgrounds.


Lauren continues to research and expose her followers to the glamour, gossip, and grit of old Hollywood. Her personality is a robust mix of Mame Dennis, Mama Rose, and Fanny Brice, dipped in Liz Lemon and sprinkled with Dorothy Zbornak. See how many of these broads come through in any one of her videos on Lauren Semar - Hollywood Party!


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favorite movies

Gone With The Wind

Funny Girl

Some Like It Hot

The Great Ziegfeld

Auntie Mame

Imitation of Life

Singing in the Rain

White Christmas

Back to the Future

Sunset Boulevard

When Harry Met Sally

The Thin Man

A Star is Born (1937 & 1954 versions, sorry Babs)


Hands Across the Table

Somewhere In Time