Let Me Entertain You

Like Gypsy Rose Lee, Esther Blodgett, Eliza Doolittle and all the greats before me...I got a makeover. Well, my website and YouTube did and the proper term is called "re-branding." I've been doing more videos and writing my book more, (you'll see it eventually and be sick to death of it, so chill) but I wanted everything I did/do to look put together and professional. 

My "brand" looking sleek is really important to me because I'm writing and talking abut Old Hollywood and when most people think of that era (1910-1960s) they think of movie stars that were polished within an inch of their lives by the studios. What really made me want to make the change was going to the Turner Classic Film Festival (TCMFF) this past April. I want this little community of mine to embrace the glamour of the films and classic stars they love. Just because Robert Osborne is dead doesn't mean style within this group should be, damn.

With this goal in mind, I starting looking for people on the interwebs who could help me with my site, YouTube, social media shenanigans, photos and business cards. That's a lot of stuff AND I need the person to get vintage style. THAT was really important because vintage is done in such a cheesy ass way a LOT of the time and that is a HUGE turn off to me. And then I happened upon Kelly Robyn at Kelly Robyn Co. I sent her a short email explaining everything I needed and that I wanted to do something in Palm Springs and she responded with, "Oh kinda like Slim Arrons." HELL YES!!! Slim Arrons was like the most bomb 60s photographer of those glamorous mid-century babes.

Slim Arrons photo of Lady Daphne Cameron

Slim Arrons photo of Lady Daphne Cameron

Kelly made me really think about who I really wanted to be, which can be scary to some people...thinking about it is one thing but living that Auntie Mame life ("Life's a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!") is something else entirely. But why would I wait until it was a better time or I was thinner or any other dumb ass excuse? So, in less than a month Kelly got everything spruced up to what you see today and I LOVE it! She wrote a blog about everything she did to get me to THIS!

Honestly, if any of my blogger friends from TCMFF are reading this (or anyone, she's not just for vintage lovers), get her to brand you. Go to the festival next year with a renewed sense of confidence because all the amazing things you know and write about deserve to be read/heard by the MAXIMUM amount of people. And as we all know "you gotta have a gimmick, if you wanna get ahead!"