REVIEW: Valley of the Dolls

Here are some other tidbits I found out after filming this video:

- Bette Davis wanted to play the Helen Lawson role..badly! I kind of wish we could have seen that version too!!

-Apparently, the studio wanted to hire Judy Garland in the Helen Lawson role and Liza Minnelli as Neely. So Liza would be playing her mother against her mother?!?! Why does God hate us so much?? I want to live in the alternate universe where that exists!  

- Fifty years later and after switching publishers many times, this book still had quite a few typos. It didn't make me mad, instead, it made me feel better about having typos os my own! Hell, if Jaqueline Susann has them after fifty years, millions of copies and many, many editors combing through it, I shouldn't feel bad about my own. Especially since it's just me and doing the editing!!